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County Administrator Richard Boeckman addressing more than 20 members of the Barton County Young Professionals group during a luncheon earlier this year. The networking group hosts several Personal Development Luncheons throughout the year, all centered around topics that facilitate leadership and citizenship. Learn more at

Barton County Young Professionals is a dynamic group. The opportunities to network, to learn from one another, to socialize with one another, and to promote the community are important to the individual and to Barton County. These opportunities are important because those who are willing to dedicate their time now are likely the leaders of tomorrow.
Since I am outside the “40ish” definition I have not had many opportunities to interact with the Young Professionals. However, I did have the opportunity to speak to the Young Professionals about local government earlier this year. I was impressed with the interest shown by the attendees, by their interaction with me, and with the obvious desire to learn how local government works. I have been so impressed with the group that I regret I am “older” and not able to be a member.
I hope this group will be able to maintain its momentum and remain a vibrant force in Barton County.
Richard Boeckman, County Administrator, Barton County