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City Geese
Marsh Musings

We came to the city to visit friends and check on the Kansas City Chiefs. The unified celebration at the parade was something to see. I lived here when they won the first Super Bowl, and the glory of that event was reflected in this one. I think the NFL has made some adjustments that allows old veterans to re-evaluate our position.  

We have a little condo here on the Plaza. Across the street is a lovely park with a beautiful fountain. The waterway on the south side of the Plaza is a hangout for these city geese. They migrate over to the park and eat grass and make a big mess in the fountain and sidewalks and grass of that area. I watched a wedding ceremony move to another location after the photographer surveyed the area and couldn’t find a spot to assume a prone position for some interesting poses. It has been the same for several years.

You would think these geese would struggle for food and breeding areas. Not so. There is a park up on Wornall and several private areas where they are completely comfortable. I have to admit when they launch from Brush Creek up to the park when I am walking in the mornings that they are noisy, organized, focused – and beautiful. Sometimes a few mallards join the fun, but very few other ducks show up. I don’t think there is an organized feeding program for these birds. The homeless folks that sleep in the park in the summer feed these geese every day, so they are not inclined to vacate. These geese have dined experiencing a lot of variety. They loved hotdogs and bread.

There are some other local geese at Lake Quivira where several of my friends live. The lake is about 4 miles in circumference with a varied shoreline and lots of space for them to live. A banded goose was eating a shad while standing on the ice. I haven’t seen geese eat fish before. They primarily eat grain and new winter wheat which I suspect is similar to the grass in the park. In spite of being messy—they sure are pretty and the flock slowly arriving over the trees on that golf course in the morning light is calm and inspiring.

Our local geese out here are starting to pair up. One of my friends that walks at the Activity Center has stopped hunting them out of respect for the strong family units of these geese. I love for Don Mai’s geese to get their new babies – lots of photo opportunities. Makes for good times at the elevator for coffee.

I guess I am saying that life goes on, we are blessed every day with the goodness of our Bottoms and surrounding land. There are still lots of snow geese at the Bottoms, and eagles are everywhere. Spring is coming and I for one will be glad to greet it!


Doctor Dan Witt is a retired physician and nature enthusiast.