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Barton County 4H Marksman compete at state match
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Ryan Kohman from standing position

This year Barton County 4-H expanded their shooting sports program to include a Small Bore Rifle project. After a long summer of weekly practice’s and traveling the state to compete in several qualifying matches, four Barton county youth earned the opportunity to compete in the State of Kansas 4-H Shooting Sports Fall Match.
On Oct. 5, the four youth traveled to the Capital City Gun Club in Topeka to compete with 48 other 4-H youth at the state match. At the match the youth competed in a NRA 3 Position match where the shooter makes 10 scoring shots in each of the following positions with time limits. In the prone position they have 10 minutes, in the standing position they have 20 minutes and in the kneeling position they have 15 minutes. They also compete in an NRA Silhouette match. In this match the competitors shoot 1/5 scale, steel silhouettes at different ranges from the standing position. They shoot 10 chicken silhouettes at 40 yards, 10 pigs at 60 yards, 10 turkeys at 77 yards and 10 rams at 100 yards. The competitors use .22 caliber rifles with peep sights or scopes.
In the Junior Division, ages 12 and 13, Katelyn Reh from Ellinwood and Parker Smith from Great Bend competed for Barton County. In the NRA 3 Position match, Katelyn earned a 5th place ribbon in the Standing Position. Parker earned a 4th place ribbon in the Prone Position, a 2nd place medal in the Standing position and a 4th place ribbon in the Kneeling position. In the NRA Silhouette match Katelyn shot 19 out of 40 animals for a 1st place medal and Parker shot 15 out of 40 animals for a 2nd place medal. In the overall scoring, Katelyn ended up with a total score of 369 for the 3rd place medal and Parker ended with a total score of 370, in a two way tie for 1st. The tie was broken by the number of rams hit in the Silhouette Match. Parker had the most ram hits so she ended up with the 1st place medal.
In the Senior Division, ages 14 to 18, Ryan Kohman from Great Bend and Caleb Straub from Great Bend competed for Barton County. Ryan earned the 4th place ribbon in the Silhouette Match by hitting 23 out of 40 animals. In the overall scoring, Ryan finished 6th in the state. By finishing in the Top 10, Ryan will be considered for a position on a 4 person Small Bore Rifle team that will represent Kansas 4-H at the 4-H National Shooting Sports Match in Grand Island, Neb. in the summer of 2014.
The Barton County team was made up of Ryan Kohman and Parker Smith and they placed 4th at the state match.