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GB Garden Club looks at butterfly gardening
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Alice Young, left, and Delores Baker enjoyed looking at the container gardens provided by Kerry Lampe during her presentation on butterfly gardening at a recent Great Bend Garden Club meeting.

Eighteen members of Great Bend Garden Club answered the role for their April meeting held in the Barton County Extension Office Meeting Room.
Carol Woodmansee, Garden Club secretary, reports:
A delightful program on the Basics of Butterfly Gardening was presented by Kerry Lampe. Following an introduction about her discovery of a mysterious, scary-looking bug which turned out to be the caterpillar stage of a lady bug, Kerry shared the secrets of attracting butterflies to a backyard garden and provided printed information about specific flowers, herbs, shrubs, trees, and vines that attract butterflies. An exception to the myth that all butterflies need flowers to survive is the northern pearly eye which lives in shady hardwood forests in the Eastern United States and gets nutritious sugars from willow and poplar tree sap. Three beautiful container gardens gave an attractive visual example of flowers and herbs which will draw the pollinators to patios and porches.
Two new memorials were acknowledged for the Great Bend Cemetery Rose Garden by memorial chairman, Delores Grose. Rose Garden committee chairman Alice Young announced a workday for April 26 for the purpose of pruning the climbing roses back so they can be removed. Eight new roses will be added to the garden this spring.  
The May meeting will feature a spring plant exchange, a visit to Northview Nursery for a program on “What’s New for this Spring” and some “How to Care for Plants” tips, followed by lunch being arranged by Delores Baker.     
Refreshments were served to club members by Bonnie Sarff.