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League of Women Voters meeting
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League of Women Voters of Great Bend will hold the monthly meeting on Tuesday at at Montana Mike’s in the north room. Lunch will be from the menu and can be their “quick serve” menu.
The program will be provided by Representative Bob Bethel. He will be discussing the managed care bill that is before the legislature. There are several distinct results that will occur either way the vote falls on this bill. He will indicate the pros and cons of either way. He will also be approach other issues if the audience would like to hear them. It should be a very informative program. Rep. Bethel knows the issues and will not be hesitant to present them. If you have an interest, he will be glad to address it.
The luncheon is informal and time will be provided for discussion from the floor. The public is invited to attend and participate in the discussion.
League is a non-partisan organization devoted to informing and educating the voting public on national, state, and local issues of importance. Membership is open to both men and women. Come join League for lunch and ask questions.