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Pilot International celebrates Care and Kindness Week
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Pilot International and local Pilot Clubs around the globe and right like here in Great Bend, recognize the second week in November as International Care & Kindness Week, an awareness campaign meant to bring awareness to how simple acts can change a day, a life or the world by simply showing someone you care.
International Care & Kindness Week encourages people to “Take time to Care and Be Kind.”
Living the pilot motto, Do More. Care More. Be More, family caregivers often go overlooked for the many roles they play for their loved ones, and as do those in the community who’s vocation is caregiving.
The club has seen friends go through the struggles of taking care of a family member with an illness or a disease. The emotional toll can be overwhelming. Sometimes just knowing that someone cares and recognizes their efforts makes a difference
Pilot International Pick Me Ups is an outreach program, joining members and nonmembers in communities where there are Pilot clubs. The only requirement is a desire to advocate for the needs of caregivers and to raise awareness in your community for resources to support caregivers’ daily challenges.
While Pilot Clubs are doing Pick Me Ups all year, the club wanted to highlight a special time of year that everyone in the community could come together to focus on the importance of showing care and kindness to those who are in their lives.
The name Pilot, has a historic inspiration from the riverboat pilot who would steer a true course through calm or troubled waters, thus, for almost 100 years, Pilots have served under the motto “True Course Ever.” Today’s Pilots find their “true course” through their charge to do more, care more, and be more every day. The code of ethics written in 1926 is applicable to their members today. All members are expected to be diligent, ethical, considerate, and kind in all areas of service to each other and to their communities. The code of ethics asks that each member be visionary and see beyond their own personal needs to the needs of communities, and to aspire to find ways to fill those needs by volunteering, funding, or bringing awareness.
Join with your local Pilot’s this week and every week in finding ways to make a difference through care and kindness to friends and family especially those that are caregivers.