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What is Hippology?
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4-H members attending the State 4-H Horse Panorama: back row l to r: Deidre Moran (coach), Cassidy Schlessiger, Regan Wetzel, Kirsten Miessler, McKenna Esfeld, Connie Hughes (4-H leader); front row: Talen Barry, Savanna Richmeier, Falyn Spangler.

What is Hippology? Hippology is a Greek word, with the word root “hippo” meaning horse and “ology” meaning the study of. The State 4-H Horse Panorama is held at Rock Springs Ranch and it hosts several activities, including hippology, that can enhance learning for 4-H members by letting them exhibit their knowledge and understanding of equine science. Participants were able to share their knowledge through the hippology contest, quiz bowl, demonstrations, public speaking, photography and educational posters.
The Barton County horse members competing at the State 4-H Horse Panorama were Cassidy Schlessiger, McKenna Esfeld, Kirsten Miessler, Talen Berry, Falyn Spangler, Savanna Richmeier. Also joining the team from Edwards County was Regan Wetzel.
Deidre Moran and Connie Hughes helped prepare the team for the competition. Shae and Renee Richmeier also attended the event for one day.
The Open Quiz Bowl has teams created from across the state combined to help each person learn to work with other horse project members from another county. The quiz bowl team that Regan Wetzel was on placed fourth in the state. Regan was also in the top five in the demonstration contest.     
4-H Horse members are also practicing riding to prepare for horse shows later this spring. It is not too late to get involved in the 4-H program. However, all new members must be enrolled by March 1 to participate in the 4-H events at the Barton County Fair. Call the Barton County Extension Office at 793-1910 or visit for more information.