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Jenkner continues her series with ‘Road Block’
Courtesy photo Great Bend author Carol Jenkner is shown in this photo from her book cover.

A too-big-for-his-britches autistic boy finds the body of a missing FBI Agent, endangering his family with his stubborn refusal to share what he knows.

Local author Carol L. Jenkner’s latest novel, “Road Block,” explores the character of a young boy with Asperger’s Syndrome, who fights the boundaries placed on him by an over-protective mother. The boy is highly intelligent – and he knows it. When he discovers a dead body on the ranch where he lives with his mother and grandmother, he is reluctant to share information because he was somewhere he wasn’t supposed to be when he found it. He regularly sneaks out of the house to explore, believing that his missing father is watching over him. The body must be reported, though, and the boy does his duty but continues to be secretive about what he knows and what he has found. Without understanding what he is up against, he ends up putting his entire family at risk.

The third book in Jenkner’s series of crime and mystery novels draws upon characters from the previous two books, “Road Kill” and “Road Rage.” In these books the title character, Dr. Gerald “Road Kill” O’Connor, comes to the rescue, working alongside law enforcement and using his unique talents to solve mysteries as diverse as finding a serial killer and researching a family tree to find the identity of an infant’s remains. Now Dr. O’Connor is facing a dangerous gang to protect his friends and uncovers the connection to an older FBI incident that was hushed up decades ago.

The author, a retired teacher with the Dodge City public schools, now lives in Great Bend. She works part time as Education Director for the Santa Fe Trail Center in Larned. Jenkner was raised in Dewey, Okla. and received Bachelor and Master of Science degrees from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Okla.

Road Kill and Road Rage are available through Archway Publishing and Amazon. Road Block is available on Amazon. All three books can be purchased as ebooks or paperback books.