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Can you match the movie to these popular quotes?
Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump (1994) - photo by Travis Poppleton
Weve all endured that conversation where references fly over our heads like mathematical formulas in a Tracer Bullet plot.

Intelligence is powerless against such confabulation.There are simply too many memes, pop-culture references and subject-specific colloquialisms for any productive citizen of the world to memorize. But dont let reality stand in the way of your random-reference cataloguing efforts.

In fact, were here to help. Here are 10 famous film quotes, and the movies they belong to.

I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender

Youve heard the line, and you probably even know it was Marlon Brando who made it famous. But did you know the quote comes from the 1954 classic, On the Waterfront?

In one of the many moving scenes in the film, Terry Malloy blames his brother Charley for ruining what could have been a promising boxing career. While the material was already compelling on paper, it took Brandos classic delivery to make the exchange timeless.

Well, if I fake it, I dont have it

This article couldve easily been, Ten Bill Murray quotes used in everyday conversation, and we still wouldve had a hard time editing our favorites down to just 10.

But if we shelve the greats, like Cats and dogs living together, we can focus on a slightly less well-known echo from What About Bob?

The line comes from a meeting between Bob, and the then sane Dr. Leo Marvin. When Leo, I mean Dr. Marvin, asks Bob why he regularly fakes the symptoms of rare diseases, Bob takes a moment to explain one of his simple, yet completely insane life philosophies.

What weve got here is failure to communicate

Many readers will immediately know this line as the intro to the Guns N Roses 1990 classic, Civil War.

What said readers may not know, however, is what theyre hearing in Civil War is actually a clip from Cool Hand Luke, delivered by the often overlooked character actor, Strother Martin.

In the scene, Luke (Paul Newman) publicly disrespects Captain (Martin) after a failed prison break. Captain punishes Luke in front of the other prisoners, and then begins monologuing about, well, Im not exactly sure. It seems to be a very long-winded way of saying He had it coming.

Nobody puts Baby in a corner

You really cant have the time of your life without hearing the line, Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

Patrick Swayze is ready to go Road House on Babys parents if they dont let her dance for the finale of Dirty Dancing, and he makes his position clear with the famous phrase. There are T-shirts, posters and all manner of Internet paraphernalia branded with the quote, and if you lived 1987, you totally understand why.

Leave the gun, take the cannoli

The Godfather fans have many, many great lines to throw around throughout casual banter, but Leave the gun, take the cannoli is perhaps the most famous.

Leading up to the infamous line, Peter Clemenza has a couple of chores to take care of on his way home. He needs to kill Paulie Gatto, and also bring his wife home some cannoli. Even if you havent seen the film, you can kind of connect the dots from there. But then, this brings up a much bigger question. Why on Earth have you not seen the Godfather?

Here's looking at you, kid

Sure, it seems obvious, but to that reader who has never seen Casablanca" and never cared enough to look up the reference, well, youre welcome.

As the story goes, the line, which was used several times throughout the film, was never part of the original screenplay. Instead, the memorable phrase was something Humphrey Bogart would say to Ingrid Bergman when the two played poker between takes.

That rug really tied the room together

The Big Lebowski fans work this line into every decorating conversation possible. It doesnt have to make sense. They still find it hilarious.

A common lament throughout the 1998 film, The Dude is pretty distraught when two vandals ruin one of his favorite rugs. While seeking payment for the damaged item, the Dude makes a compelling argument for compensation when he says, Well, sir, it's this rug I had. It really tied the room together.

You're killin me smalls

A while back, on the Flix Junkies podcast, co-host Curtis Linnell gave me all sorts of grief for never seeing The Sandlot. Its true, I should probably see it. People seem to love this movie in the same way I love The Goonies or Back to the Future.

But as it stands, Sandlot is still on my list of should-see movies, so I cant give you the details on when and where this line is used. If I were to guess however, I suspect one baseball kid says it to a much smaller baseball kid. Its probably a very funny moment and possibly near a sandlot.

Oh Captain, my Captain

Since this is an article about movie quotes, we can simply refer to this as one of the great lines from Dead Poet Society.

The truth however, and this is addressed in the film, is the line originates from Walt Whitmans poem mourning a fallen Abraham Lincoln. In a testament to the fantastic writing and performances of Dead Poet Society, the title of a funeral poem and a bunch of kids standing on desks becomes a tear-inducing scene for the ages.

Stupid is as stupid does

Like heres looking at you, Stupid is as stupid does might seem an obvious addition to the list, but not everyone saw Tom Hanks in his Academy Award winning performance as Forest Gump.

Throughout the film, Forest delivers short, simple pearls of wisdom he learned from his mother. Life is like a box of chocolates and Stupid is as stupid does being the two that resonated most with movie-lovers.