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Have You Seen This? Mobile roller coaster
Roller coasters are fun, home-made roller coasters are dangerous, home-made roller coasters that are mobile are dangerously fun. - photo by John Clyde

THE PARADE I love roller coasters. I wouldn't call myself a roller coaster aficionado mainly because I'm not arrogant enough to ever reference myself as an aficionado of anything but I do love a good roller coaster. That may be why I was so drawn to this video.

YouTuber Rolf Zemp uploaded this video of a mobile roller coaster is Switzerland and I immediately thought to myself, "I want to go to there."

The short video shows off this coaster made by locals in Bassersdorf in Zurich. The committee behind the coaster spent hundreds of hours building the amusement ride that looks more like a medieval torture device.

If this thing rolled through my neighborhood, I'd push kids and the elderly out of my way to be the first to ride it. I'm also selfish and that means I'd be the first at the hospital to be treated for whiplash and receive a tetanus shot. I really don't like waiting at the hospital.

Check out the video and then get cracking on making your own mobile roller coaster. Or don't, that actually seems really dangerous. Just watch the video.