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Have You Seen This? Passed out at the wheel
A man who mounts a camera in his car just to see what happens became the focus of the video when he inexplicably passed out at the wheel. Miraculously no one was hurt. - photo by John Clyde
SCARY TOWN We've all had that moment when we're driving and we're just way too tired. We know we shouldn't be behind the wheel, but darn it people, we're stubborn. Let's all make a pledge right now to not drive drowsy. Who's with me?

Well, I appreciate the support, but what happens when you don't know you have a medical condition and suddenly pass out? That's what happened to Paul Yearley.

Paul says he usually mounts a camera in his car to see if other drivers are being crazy and he can then document it. Paul was driving earlier this year and had his camera on as always, but it wasn't another driver he filmed.

Paul says he wasn't drowsy, tired or anything else, he says one minute he was totally alert and the next he passed out.

"The last thing I remembered was turning off the cruise control, then I just passed out," Paul wrote in the description of his YouTube video. "I woke up a split-second before hitting that last fencepost, but was so disoriented that I didn't hit the brakes for another two seconds."

Watching the video will get your heart pumping and grateful that no one was hurt. Paul said he's got some medical bills, and fixing the car hasn't been cheap either, but at least he's safe as well as the others around him. Can't say the same for that fence.