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HomeWords: A Project of the Poet Laureate of Kansas
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Wyatt Townley

Here we are at our last HomeWords column. It’s been quite a journey, considering “home” from micro to macro: body, house, land, and sky. The American Cinquain has been our means of transportation, moving itself across the state to kitchen tables and laptops where we’ve read the work of fellow Kansans on an important topic.  
This weekly column has run for a year, featuring 105 cinquains symbolizing the 105 counties of Kansas. I’ve been asked more than once why I didn’t publish my own work, so I’ll consider my arm sufficiently twisted.
Here’s a crown cinquain, five cinquains that connect on the theme. It moves from little to big and back, offered to fellow Kansans who are HomeWords bound:  
my mobile home
you fold well travel light
go everywhere I go except
at night

The glass
fills and empties
like a house whose laughter
left with the kids, returns with a

we planted wave
back at me from the top
floor window where you’ve risen from
the grave

not overhead
but down between our toes
and in our nose when we breathe we’re  
sky high  

The sky
the silo and
I, a set of nesting
dolls with a surprising poem