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Snowkus Pocus comes to McPherson Opera House
ent deh snokus pocus pic
McPherson Opera House will present Snowkus Pocus On Dec. 2 - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

 MCPHERSON – At 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 2, the McPherson Opera House will present “Snowkus Pocus” – a cirque show that is a must-see for everyone with a passion for acrobatics, dance, gymnastics, and whirling and twirling in the air! The show tells the story of young Brianna, a girl confined indoors due to an impeding blizzard, who then magically enters an enchanted winter wonderland.

Wintry characters such as the mischievous Jack Frost, the elegant Snow Queen, formidable North Wind and shapeshifter Azura, show Brianna the many moods of the winter season through dance, acrobatics, suspended spectacle and more. It’s all set to a score filled with passages that range from fun and jazzy to dramatic and delicate, conforming to the action on stage.

The show features acts and stunts that impress and often amaze in a variety of ways. Scarf, cape and ribbon-twirling that is both simple and gently mesmerizing, mind-boggling contortion and hula hoop work, and the whole company performs aerial silk routines, both solo and in pairs. The cast executes multiple acrobatic feats throughout the show, many of which seem to test the laws of gravity and personal strength.

Also on display are many detailed and dazzling costumes, as well as funky hair and makeup, which adds to the visual experience. 

“The intimate nature of the McPherson Opera House theatre will give the audience an especially unique experience, one that you would not get seeing a similar show in a larger venue”, said Diane Fallis, Opera House business director. “Guests will be close enough to truly appreciate the artistry and physical strength of the performers. We’re excited to be bringing this style of show to the Opera House. It will be spectacular.”

Tickets are $25, $30 and $35, plus a $4 preservation fee; student tickets are $10. To purchase tickets, visit or call the box office at 620-241-1952.