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The Clean Cut: Watch the latest video from Lindsey Stirling's hilarious alter ego
Phelba, Lindsey Stirling's alter ego, talks to a group of children at a VIP experience to meet Stirling. - photo by Jenna Alton
For at least five years, Lindsey Stirling has created videos disguised as her alter ego, a Lindsey Stirling superfan named Phelba. In Stirling's most recent video, Phelba got closer than ever to finally meeting her idol unfortunately, a call to security cuts her dream short.

The video takes place at a summer VIP experience to meet Lindsey Stirling, complete with cornhole, cotton candy and face painting. Phelba asks the face painter to do makeup similar to Stirlings in her Shatter Me music video, but instead, the face painter writes the words, Call Security.

When Phelba blocks the view of three children and refuses to move, they heed the words on her face and call security. Just seconds before Lindsey Stirling comes on stage, a disgruntled Phelba is taken away by two security guards.

The first video of Phelba on YouTube, called Phelbas Most Important Mission, is dated May 29, 2013. According to Stirlings IMDB page, Phelba also made an appearance in the 2015 movie Breaking Through.