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Wrecking Crew Productions, Wichita, in association with Prestigious Films, Los Angeles, Calif., anno
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PRESTIGIOUS FILMS is accepting DVD pre-orders for their independent feature Western/Thriller “Wichita.”  DVDs will be available on their website for $16.99 and shipping will begin on May 15th.
WICHITA is a Kansas-based film, written and directed by Nicholas Barton, Great Bend, and is produced by Raymond Eickstadt, McPherson, and Ryan McGuigan, Arkansas City. The film tells the essence of a true era of 1882 Wichita, highlighting the influence of Wyatt Earp and the changing landscape of the cattle town.
In the spring of 2014, Wichita premiered in over 30 markets, across several states and received raved reviews - including being hailed as “one of the most unique Westerns to come out in years.” The original premiere was held at the Orpheum Theatre in Downtown Wichita to one of the largest film audiences the theatre has ever seen with a nearly sold out house. Future screenings of the film included Tulsa, Kansas City, Lawrence, Manhattan, Salina, Buffalo, Russell, Great Bend, McPherson, Arkansas City, Joplin, Anthony, and more.
WICHITA is a Western/Thriller that follows Jesse (Justin France), a drifter who lands in the quiet, peaceful Cowtown of Wichita, Ks. As Jesse takes up residency with the Widow Ruth (Beth Wise) and starts to develop a kinship with the sisters Mary (Reylynn Caster) and her older sister Samantha (Karina Wolfe), he discovers an underground criminal enterprise living within the cities’ business community. Just as Jesse is acclimating to his new surroundings, a fugitive (Blake Webb) and a bounty hunter (Kenneth Mitchell) track him into the town and begin a quest for which man will be the last standing.  
WICHITA features actors from all over the country and several familiar faces from around Kansas, including David Dilinger Jefferis, Mark Anderson, Uche, Tony Princ, Delno Ebie, Joe Mackey, Kaye Brownlee France, Careth Beard, Naythan Smith, Chris Barber, Gregor Hunt, and dozens of extras from around the Midwest. Cast from the crew featured several Kansans as well, including Alec Walterscheid, Richard Hoffman, Naythan Smith, Kyle Hayes, Tim McGill, and Laura Ashley Weir.
The independent film was shot primarily at Cowtown Museum in Wichita, as well as the Flint Hills and various locations around South Central Kansas.
“We are excited to be launching the DVD,” said Ryan McGuigan, WICHITA Executive Producer. “Independent Filmmaking is one of the most challenging endeavors anyone can do and this film truly took a village to create. We were able to get so much help and support from people in almost every walk of life and we are truly proud of the reach and success that the film has garnered so far!”
More details for the film can be viewed at the IMDB Page:
The production company is currently working on their two series “Queens of Camo” and “Zoos to You” and is in pre-production on their upcoming feature film “Hyde Park,” which is a biopic of one of the deadliest gunfights in history with plans to shoot the film in late 2015/early 2016.