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Living Well Wednesday series starts soon
Monique Koerner
Monique Koerner

Living Well Wednesday will begin its fall series in October. It will be at 12:10 p.m. the first Wednesday of the month. Here is the amazing line up for October 2023-December 2023.  

October 4:  It’s not so Kool to JUUL

Vaping is the new epidemic among youth. 25% of Kansas High School students currently vape or have vaped. What do we know about Vaping? What does it look like and who is behind this epidemic and why? So, how can we help educate the public and youth? We have learned many things about vaping in the past few years, it causes depression, is very addictive, and hard to quit. Kansas has several programs that are available to help combat this vaping problem among our youth. These topics will be discussed as well as the work going on in prevention.

Presenter:  Donna Gerstner, LiveWell Finney County CDRR Grant Coordinator and the E- Cig Prevention Grant Coordinator 

November 1: Teen Stress and Anxiety: How Worried Do Parents Need to Be? 

This program will examine the current state of teen mental health and decipher for parents what is normal teen stress versus when professional help maybe needed. Parents want to say the right thing when their child talks about their stresses, but sometimes it is hard to find the words. This will give parents scripts and strategies to talk about these tricky topics. Christy Perez, a licensed clinical counselor, will be available to answer any of those hard questions parents may have.     

Presenters: Christine D. Perez, EdS, LCPC; Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Director of Crisis Services @ Crawford County Mental Health Center     

Erin Tynon, M.S in Family Life Education and Consultation; Family Consumer Science Agent, Pottawatomie County 

December 6: Rapid Development of Baby Brains and Why it Matters

Offered in Spanish at 11 a.m. on Thursday, December 7

This session will describe the importance of early experiences for babies because of their rapid brain development. Discuss the effects of stress and trauma on brain development and actions that provide protective factors for healthy brain development in babies.

Presenters: Dr. Bradford Wiles, Kansas State University Child Development Specialist

Monique Koerner, Community Wellness Extension Agent, Cottonwood District

Tristen Cope, Family and Youth Development Agent, Chisholm Trail District

Presenter for Spanish: Elizabeth Brunscheen-Cartagena, Family Life & Resource Management Agent, Sedgwick County

We are hoping to reach parents of all ages and those that interact with youth. Spanish versions will also be available through a live webinar on Dec. 7; other topics will be offered through prerecording with links posted on website:

Mark your calendars and join us! If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with me.

Monique Koerner is the Family and Community Wellness Agent with K-State Research and Extension – Cottonwood District. You may reach her at: 785-628-9430 or