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Messages from beyond
A Woman's View
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Our ladies’ bridge club sometimes sits around after the last deal, just to catch up on life in general. It’s too bad that we are always watching the clock, and in a hurry to get to our next activity. The best conversations take place after those fickle, elusive grand slams are stashed away for the next time.

Our conversations during play are light, and usually brief if we are paying any attention to our cards. We talk about where we have been on vacation, who has bridge next, or even diets. Most of the time, we are munching on chocolates and bridge mix. That subject doesn’t get discussed very deeply, you understand. 

But, often, the best conversations happen after we are finished with our rounds. Most of the time, they are not too serious, and often funny. Please consider the following episode lightly. Don’t take it seriously, but just roll with me as I explain.

As I was picking up, they were laughing while I was listening. I’d say that the humor was really cookin’ amidst them. “Hey, girls, I am going to record this. What were you suggesting that I should write about?”

Tilly took the floor. “We think a column should be called, “Messages from Beyond”, and they began to titter and giggle. “Oh, this has got to be good. Let’s hear it!” I remarked.

The first subject revolved around music in heaven.

“We have only pianos and organs up here. We are looking for a guitar player, because we are tired of hymns and want something more current. We don’t have many guitar players here. I think they went the other direction. If there are any, we wish they would hurry up.” 

Priscilla. “But we do have someone in training on the harp. Harps are big up here!”

Bancy, “The choir is large. It seems everyone wants to sing and no one wants to cook!” Tilly. “But the Lord God has said, “Men, it’s your turn!”

“We women are throwing in the towel! The Holy towel!” (group participation here)

Then just like that, they changed the subject! It was tough to follow, but they were on a roll.

“Two 90 year-old men landed today, and  boy, are they surprised to be here! 

“So are we. We had the funeral for you guys a long time ago! What’s been the hang-up?”

“I can see it now”, exclaimed Myra. (Myra is the oldest one in our group, but definitely, the most ‘with it!’) “Now, everyone seems to be lining up. I can see my mother and my dad in the lines; there’s a line of men on one side, and a line of women on the other. But my dad is standing in the line with the women next to his wife, Sadie.”

“He gets asked why he is the only man in the line? His answer? Because Sadie told me to!”

The laughter swells, and everyone is into this flow except me. I am merely a spectator, and totally enjoying it.

“In heaven, we can read each others’  thoughts! Oh dear!”

They begin to run down. I think they have had a few too many chocolates. The buzz is wearing off, and they are running out. I thank them, and keep the recording of their chatter. 

It’s good to laugh and we don’t do it often enough, do we?

Judi Tabler lives in Pawnee County and is a guest columnist for the Great Bend Tribune. She can be reached at or juditabler@awomansview.