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National Festival of Breads seminar
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Five experts in the field of nutrition and baking will offer free educational seminars during the second National Festival of Breads, June 25. The Educational Seminar session, each which last about 45 minutes, begin at 9 a.m. at the Airport Hilton Inn, 2098 Airport Road, Wichita. The seminar is free and open to the public.
Speakers and topics include:
• Jane Frye, 2011 NFOB Bread Sculpting Winner, “Sunflower and Wheat Bread Sculpture.”
Jane will demonstrate how she created this award-winning sculpture, plus offer tips and tricks to help other bakers learn to use bread as their medium of choice!
• Sharon Davis, Home Baking Association, “The Baking Scoop on Variety Breads.”
Bread has long been a nutrient-rich staple for humans. Adding herbs, vegetables, fruits, dairy, soy and nuts to yeast breads boosts the bounty even more. Sharon Davis, author of the Home Baking Association A Baker’s Dozen Labs, shares her top ten bakers’ basics for delicious variety bread baking.
• Joyce Esfeld, Fleischmann’s Yeast, “iCan Make Bread”
No-knead bread is a trend that is here to stay and many novice bakers find it is a perfect fit for them. It is delicious, easy to make and convenient for busy schedules. Many home bakers who have previously made traditional breads are being won over to this method without giving up the quality. Is it like your grandmother’s bread? No - sometimes it’s even better!
• Paula Gray, King Arthur Flour, Inc., “Basic Sweet Bread Dough.”
This fun and informative demonstration covers the basics about delicious, tender, yeasted sweet dough. Learn how each ingredient works, explore how different types of flour can change the taste and texture of the recipe, cure your yeast anxiety once and for all, pick up bread kneading, shaping, and baking technique tips, and more. Recipes and a free gift included!
• Aaron Clanton, AIB International, “Baking With Whole Grains.”
This session will explore what whole grains are and why they should be incorporated into bakery products. Participants will learn the unique flavor and textures that whole grains can add to foods as well as the nutritional
benefits. Key adjustments for adding more whole grain to breads will be shared.
The seminars will take place throughout the day in the Airport Hilton’s Multimedia Theater. While these sessions take place, contest finalists will be preparing their recipes in the baking competition; meanwhile, a miniature trade show and free bread samples will be available outside the ballroom.