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National Nutrition Month comes to an end
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As National Nutrition Month comes to an end for another year I hope you and your family have found ways to add more color to your meals. The new MyPlate recommendations for healthy eating stress that half your plate should be filled with fruits and vegetables; seven or more servings scattered throughout the day. Now that may sound a bit overwhelming, but I can’t emphasize enough the wonderful benefits in eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Besides all of the great vitamins and minerals you get from these colorful plants your body also benefits from the generous amount of fiber these foods contain.
Another large portion on your healthy plate is grain, preferably a whole grain. Many popular diets give grains a bad rap when it isn’t really warranted. Keep in mind that whole grain products provide complex carbohydrates. That is quite different than the carbs found in pastries, cookies and cakes. Consuming whole grain food choices also boosts the total amount of fiber you are getting.
At the “Gluten Free Living” program last week in Hoisington, the Turnbull room was buzzing with interest in this hot topic. Questions about gluten free foods are coming in every week. People who are bothered by gluten must become better label readers as so much our processed food has some form of wheat, barley or rye. As more information becomes available about living a gluten free life I am excited to be able to share the facts with others.
The rest of our MyPlate contains a small portion of lean protein and some calcium rich food choices.  Hopefully you have made the transition from choosing a piece of meat that covers half of your platter to a more sensible 3 ounce portion of lean meat, fish, or a plant based protein.
For more information about the MyPlate recommendations for healthy eating feel free to contact me at (620)793-1910 or
Wishing you a Happy and Safe Easter
If an Easter egg hunt featuring hard cooked eggs is on your day’s schedule, make sure you are following food safety rules. Eggs that have been hard cooked and decorated for hiding should not be out of refrigeration more than two hours total. If they are then they should be discarded. Any cracked eggs should also be discarded. Enjoy some great family time during this special holiday and have a good week ahead!