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October marriage and divorce filings
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Marriage licenses

Brandon Mendez, Great Bend and McKenzie Robinson, Great Bend

Janssen Vincent Jr., Parsons and Valerie Hunt, Parsons

Andrew Butter, Old Mill Creek and Catherine Houlihan, Old Mill Creek

Randall Beeman, Elk City and Karla Clobine, Independence

Jose Gonzalez, Fort Riley and Lily Davall, Cathredral City

Jeremy Williams, Great Bend and Caroline Barker, Great Bend

Dustin Lindel, Fredonia and Shelby Shay, Fredonia

Marcus Snow, Hoisington and Amie Batchman, Hoisington

Trevor Johnson, Columbus and Kylee Freeman, Columbus

Tler Sutherland, Chanute and MacKenzey Sutcliffe, Chanute

Dustin Barnes, Concordia and Savannah Brackelman, Concordia

Arthur Littlerunningbear, Independence and McKenzie Tillery, Independence

Curtis Rosas, Great Bend and Angelico Loyce, Great Bend

Jeffery Baker, Parsons and Smantha Collins, Parsons

Corey Leibl, Claflin and Carly Hoffman, Claflin

David Nelson Fredonia and Jamie Hein, Fredonia

Darrell Keener, Olmitz and Joslyn Sturn, Hays

Steven Archuleta, Great Bend and Karla Meza, Great Bend

Gary Collins, Pratt and Brandy Cummins, Pratt

Scott Murphy, Great Bend and Heather Norton, Overland Park

Rayquan Lee, Fort Riley and Aureia Butler, Fort Riley

Phillip Marriott, Hoisington and Lindsey Drescher, Hoisington

Brian Rodriguez, LaCrosse and Tina Fisher, LaCrosse

Steven Smith, Great Bend and Christine Saindon, Great Bend

Shaun Spike, Great Bend and Morgan McLeland, Great Bend

Ezekiel Price, Junction City and Chelby Crosby, Junction City

Hunter Freeberg, Parsons and Mattie Hale, Parsons

Rickie Erdman, Great Bend and Pamela Wylot, Great Bend

Kaleb McCulley and Brooke Daniel, Columbus

Tyler Hamilton, Bartlett and Erin Falkenstien, Bartlett

Cody McGinnis, South Coffeyville, Okla. and Kassidee Rexwinkle, South Coffeyville, Okla.

Liam Robinson, Atlanta and Destiny Moore, Burden

Robert Kuns, Bronson and Joy Page, Bronson

Michael Ehrlich, Russell and Audrey Werth, Russell

Devin Dollis, Frontnac and Jerilynn O’dell, Frontenac

Adam Stein, Great Bend and Laura Stile, Great Bend

Christopher Norris, Girard and Rachael Trindal, Girard

Benjamin Robinson, Pitssburg and Christoi Clark, Pittsburg

Quiana Pico, Pratt and Joshua Powell, Pratt

Kristi DeWerff, Great Bend and Dakato Tucker, St. John 

David Ellsworht, Iola and Ashton Wilson, Iola

Dylan Funk, Kechi and Jenny Angleton, Chanute

Desomnd Lynch, Manhattan and Mollie Davis, Manhattan

Divorce filings

Heath Urban vs Stephanie Urban

Sandra Villalvaso vs Jesus Villalvaso

Jonathan DeWald vs Valerie DeWald

Terri Schenkel vs Steven Schenkel

Stuart Petrik vs Jessica Petrik

James Ault vs Sandra Ault

Tammy Chism vs William Chism

Derrick Buess vs Jessica Buess