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Pinterest: how the other half thinks!
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The matchmaking business has introduced us to the notion of 29 dimensions of compatibility. It’s hardly a novel concept that men need to get in tune with their sensitive side. Years ago, they claimed that men are from Mars, women are from Venus and finding a suitable partner required a space module. Still, most men don’t have time to fill out a 40-page questionnaire to find out why they live alone in a van down by the Arkansas River.
So, guys, I have great news. For the next 500 words I will offer a pathway to understanding how the other half Yes, it’s a website, but it’s more than that. It’s a way of thinking, a way of spending, maybe wasting, time, but seeing the world in a different light. It’s a place where women create online bulletin boards for categories like home décor, food, shoes and more shoes. It’s paradise for women and it’s red-hot, driving more traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and Youtube combined. And over 97 percent of Pinterest’s Facebook fans are women.
Pinterest is like Craigslist for expensive stuff that you don’t buy, just stare at, declare you like or even “re-pin.” It’s got crafts; example: Want to see a braid in the shape of a Irish charm? Bingo. Want ice cream coke cupcakes? Done. Want to see wedding dresses that not even Kate Middleton could afford? Done. Chock full of recipes, knitting, crocheting, canning, flowers, and lots of photos of dogs and cats doing “cute” things. One day I saw a photo displaying “great glutes in 20 minutes” next to a recipe for ham and cheese sliders.
It’s got DIY ideas, like to how to rub chrome faucets with wax paper to keep water spots and fingerprints from sticking to the metal. Who knew?
Need an inspirational quote about friends, forgiveness, love or hugs? Pinterest. Looking for tips on your upcoming fantasy baseball draft? Sorry.
This is food for the right brain. Guys, still confused? Here is what’s NOT on Pinterest.
1. Hunting/fishing gear. If you are looking for something to match that coonskin cap and Realtree hunting jumpsuit you bought for turkey season? Forget it. Plan on staying in your double-wide. Tickets to NASCAR? No tickets to anything anywhere, unless you are looking for a fashion show with top-of-the-line decorators.
2. Cars. No way. Unless it’s something with a shirtless David Beckham type or that guy from The King’s Speech the AARP crowd loves.
3. Hot tubs. XXL NBA Jerseys with your name on the back. BBQ smokers, tramp stamps, selfies? Uh, no. Looking for self-promoting brag-boards with group photo shots? Wrong.
And whatever you do, don’t criticize Pinterest. My wife heard I was working on this piece and she freaked: “Don’t trash it. You’d have a revolt on your hands.” My next-door neighbor spends “time” on the site. I would say she is obsessed, but that would underestimate her devotion. “Pinterest has become my life,” said Brandi. “This is not entirely bad, as it has replaced my need to obsessively shop on eBay.” [Brandi helps the Keenan’s look relatively normal!]
So guys, here is the four-step program. 1. Apply to be admitted. (Yes, you need to be asked). 2. Create a “board.” 3. Find something that’s stylish — and pin it. My suggestion — pricey homes with obscene landscaping. 4. Re-pin something another woman has posted. Then sit back, wait and push likes.
Your right-sided neurons are now firing for the first time since you crafted that finger painting St. Patrick’s grade school. Remember? The artwork that your then-cute and now-cuter classmate Katie adored?
She’s out there. Pinning and re-pinning.