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The purse
A Woman's View
Judi Tabler color mug

I carry a large purse. I am tired of a large purse; however, I own many large purses. Large purses should solve everything. They provide zipper pockets on the outside, sectioned dividers in the inside, with side pockets. They provide handle straps and shoulder straps. Some purses open wide so that you can see it all. And the purpose of all this engineering? Why, to organize; to enable the woman to transport everything in her make-up drawer and closet and  have these things at the tip of her fingers at all times.  

But, in spite of all this sectioned-off, zippered compartment sack, I can never find anything in my purse. No matter how much I rearrange — cell phone in outside pocket, lipstick in inside zipper pocket, pens in another long pocket, makeup in makeup bag, comb in pocket with lipstick, wallet in center division — I soon forget where I put what. And after I organize about two-thirds of my things, I get discombobulated. I dump the rest of the “necessities,” e.g. note pad, planner, calendar, phone, checkbook, coupons, etc. into the big hole.

I have tried small purses. I like them. They are not heavy. But, I have the same problem in reverse. Now, I cannot decide which few items I need the most? Let’s see; wallet, money, of course, lipstick, keys, phone. 

There’s a new gimmick with purses. I have bought several that are three in one. The big purse holds a smaller, matching purse. A matching wallet is also included. It remains too large for most of us unless it takes the place of a purse.

All of this choice taxes my brain. But, I have an idea. I will put my absolute necessities in the smaller purse, and carry it when I get out of the car. I will fill the larger, outer purse with extras, and leave it in the car (just in case I need them). But, here’s the rub. Which are my extras, and which are my absolute needs? Recently, while preparing for a trip, I stuck a Reader’s Digest and four fiber bars in the big purse. I also threw in gum, an extra note pad, some pens, ear buds, and my Kindle Fire. 

Walking into the airport, I carried the big purse with the little purse inside on one shoulder, and my c-pap machine on the other shoulder, while pulling my luggage. Guess which was the very heaviest? You got it! The purse.

Did I need the fiber bars, the Reader’s Digest, and the extra note pad? Not really. The Kindle Fire could fit in the smaller purse or into the outside zipper pocket on the luggage. Actually, I was forcing myself to use that dang outer purse. And it’s only made my life more complicated. 

I am on a toot to simplify. I want economy. One lipstick will do just fine. One comb, a charge card, some cash, my ID card, and perhaps a bottle of Ibuprofen.

The Ibuprofen is a necessity because this all gives me a headache. 

Another problem.

Men have pockets for their keys and money. Women’s clothing usually does not have pockets. Shallow pockets don’t count. 

Therefore, a woman needs a purse for her necessary, vital, items.

But, our daily life styles do not accommodate our purse habit.

Most bathroom stalls no longer have hooks or shelves to hold a purse. Guess where it goes? Righto! It sits on the dirty, filthy, floor. Or, it hangs around the neck of the poor woman who is trying balance as she uses the facility.

Car manufacturers have ignored the functional purse. The storage divider in the middle of the front seat won’t balance a purse. So, the purse is exiled to the backseat, or back with the groceries. Why is there no hook in a car for a purse? Help!

When I am seated in the movie theater, there’s usually a seat next to me for my purse. It shouldn’t be relegated to the floor. 

Help. We need some help, here. Maybe backpacks on wheels are the answer. But I still won’t be organized.

But if I ever get these issues solved, I will let you know.  

Judi Tabler lives in Pawnee County and is a guest columnist for the Great Bend Tribune. She can be reached at Visit her website