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There are still appointments available with trained volunteers to review your Medicare Part D options for 2012. Even if you are satisfied with your current plan, it’s a good idea to make certain that it’s still the best plan for you in 2012. The only way to be sure is to enter your prescription drugs into a program on the Medicare website designed to sort through all the plans to find the most cost-effective plan for your particular drugs. If you need help, please call 792-1614 for an appointment.
There is Extra Help available through the Social Security Administration to help with the cost of your Medicare Part D Plan and the cost of your drugs. If you are single, widowed, divorced or live apart from your spouse, your gross income is less than $16,335 and your countable assets are less than $12,640, you may be eligible for this assistance. If you are married, your combined gross income is less than $22,065 and your countable assets are less than $25,260, you both may be eligible for this assistance. Countable assets are bank accounts, investments and extra real estate; your primary home, vehicles, life insurance, burial plans and personal possessions are not counted. If you think you are eligible for this assistance which can greatly reduce your out-of-pocket costs for Medicare Part D including your drug co-pays, we can help you with the application. Please call Donna at 792-1614 for more information.
The Wetlands Education Center is the RSVP’s newest partner and we are excited to be working with Curtis Wolf and his staff on their environmental projects. RSVP volunteers assisted with Monarch Madness and will continue to work on special events at the Center as needed. At the current time, the Center needs a volunteer receptionist for Friday and Wednesday mornings. If you have a few free hours on either morning, please call Donna at 792-1614. If you’re not interested in a weekly volunteer job, we may still be able to work out a job-share arrangement with other volunteers.
Calling all persons that like to crochet or knit! Now that winter has arrived, it’s a good time to stay inside and do close work. RSVP takes lap robes to all the nursing and assisted living facilities in Barton County at Christmas time and still needs more lap robes to meet our goals. We have beautiful yarn at the RSVP office if you are interested in helping. Come by and pick out your favorite colors.
The RSVP Medical Transportation Program is looking for a few special people that like to drive, can work with different people, and have a little extra time. Volunteer drivers use their own vehicles and are reimbursed for the cost of fuel for the trip. The RSVP van is available for passengers in a wheelchair but a driver must be trained in the use of the lift before approved to drive the van.  Volunteers are not expected to drive in bad weather. Call Donna at 792-1614 for more information.
RSVP will host a “Holiday Open House” for all RSVP members on Thursday, Nov. 17, at 1025 Main Room D106. Plan to join us at any time between 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. for refreshments and door prizes. Due to substantial budget cuts in our federal funding, we are only having one open house this year instead of three and hope that all our members in other Barton county towns will be able to come to Great Bend for this special “Thanks for all you do” event.
Donna Baugh can be reached at 792-1614 or