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Russell Community Theater announces 2024 spring show

RUSSELL — Russell Community Theater’s Spring production is the farcical “If the Shoe Fits,” by Matt Thomson, Matt Chiorini and Dana Vermette. A classic tale of boy meets girl; boy and girl fall in love and want to live happily ever after. However, there is a husband in the way!

It all started when Delores (Shawna Noller), an unhappy housewife, and George (Jay Pummel), a shoe salesman, met at Shoe Fantasy and it was love at first shoe-fitting. The only thing standing in the way was Delores’ doting but half-witted husband, Marvin (Cody Rogge), who would never agree to a divorce. So there was only one thing left to do – kill Marvin so they can run off together and live a carefree life of passion and romance in a tropical paradise. Delores invites George to dinner and introduces him to Marvin as a new friend. What was supposed to be a simple foolproof murder turns into a hilarious fiasco when Esperanza (Teressa Roe), the eccentric Spanish-speaking maid, arrives on the wrong day and she, too, falls for George. Now George and Delores must devise a way to get rid of the lovesick Esperanza and carry out their plan to kill Marvin – that is without killing each other first! Their attempts get funnier and funnier as the lovers try again and again to finish the job only to have Esperanza and Marvin unknowingly foil their plans each time – resulting in this wacky tale of love, murder, and ... shoes! 

Directed by Mitch Eaton and presented with special permission by Dramatic Publishing.

The production will be held at 8 p.m., April 30 through May 4 at the RCT Playhouse, 5th and Kansas in Russell. Season tickets available by calling 785-483-4057 or emailing