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Something a little bit different

Our Marsh is pretty quiet. I have made the circuit a few times and see the obligatory ducks, geese, and raptors that would be expected when we have lots of geese leaving and returning a couple of times each day. I can almost smell spring — and then we get a snowstorm.

There is a new/old game in town. My friend Randy and I have acquired some old film cameras and have learned to develop our own film and print our own pictures. There are lots of things to learn about these processes, and some interesting gear to acquire. I hope to be able to create some black/white photos of our community that you will enjoy. There are some very interesting old farm homes and outbuildings that make us remember our parents and grandparents and the struggles they endured when this beautiful land was settled. The land, rivers, and trees were made for film photography.

One of the most interesting scenes in our area is in Bunker Hill. They had the genius to set up a corner close to the historical Bunker Hill Café (what great food and people!) with a filling station with mannequins in the office and a phone booth – so very clever. I have not researched the origin and process but it has to be fascinating. The public radio station is still up there also. 

The Garden of Eden also has given us some unusual photographs. If you get bored with the COVID and want to dabble in something fun and challenging—try film photography and see what you think.

I think it is time for us to shake off the doldrums of this COVID and get our vaccinations and go on down the road. I can feel the energy in our community starting to build and can see joy and energy returning to the people. 

We have been through a lot, and have seen a lot of processes by some smart and also some arrogant jerks that defy understanding. I’m just happy to be an American citizen that has the fortitude to withstand lots of things. I’m always proud of most of our people — I didn’t get the storming of our capital.

I walk most mornings at our Activity Center in Hoisington. It opens at 5 which coincides with my sleep or non-sleep patterns, and I am grateful for it and the great folks that do such a good job every day in keeping it clean, safe, and happy for the school kids and us different-aged users. 

I see dance team girls and coaches there at 6 — makes me really proud of their dedication. There is a group of ladies that are there walking or doing weights and machines or running around that track. I can’t possibly keep up with them and I watch them fly by me about every two laps. Good for them!  

Start bracing for spring. The crappie have started (maybe never stopped all winter) and that is good news for the fishermen getting an itch.  I’m thinking of getting my boat ready. 

We never had enough ice in Nebraska to chase the bluegill and yellow perch. Maybe later or next year.

I miss the friends that have passed from the COVID and other maladies. Remember to love your family and be grateful for every day.  

I’m getting ready to start looking for Whooping Cranes!

Doctor Dan Witt is a retired physician and nature enthusiast. Email him at