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Spring is definitely here!
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The signs are evident. At our house, I know because...

Fred’s garden is all tilled and ready; the spring crops are in!

Following him through a store that sells starters, little delicate plants, is like watching a kid in a toy aisle. I even get into the act! Hey, look at this veggie. Let’s get several varieties! Four of each? Why not? 

It’s planting time.

And we always over-do it.

Last week, during the cold spell, he was on his knees in the garden, digging little holes, and gently placing each plant carefully in its soil nest; packing the protective soil around each one before hand-scooping a little Epsom Salt into each hole.  

Little cabbage plants, frail onion stems, broccoli leaves, and lettuce are now all lined up. Too impatient to plant them first as seeds..And all the while...

Fred is performing a rite of Spring. And change is coming!

Winter is bleak and brown when the trees are bare, and the dirty flower urns sit empty. 

Suddenly, life erupts everywhere; buds of new growth, grass turns green, flowers peek out of the soil, and seeds come alive. How can that be? Everything “looked” so dead!

The planting ritual. Seeds have always been a mystery to me, especially since I first realized that every living “thing” begins as a seed. I simply never thought about it until much later! (no wisecracks, please. I have heard them all.)  

Seeds are the basis of everything.

All creatures begin with a seed including plants, grass, even faith. Jesus instructed us to have faith as a grain of mustard seed. Have you looked at how teeny-miniscule a mustard seed is?  

And here’s another perplexing truth that hits me. A seed always begets its own kind.

How does a peach seed know to make peaches, or a radish seed, radishes, or another little seed bring forth a tomato? How could that just happen? No, it didn’t just happen. It’s a plan. 

Look at some teeny seeds when you get a chance. Mix them up with other types. Now, tell me which seed will produce what? The seed knows!

Viable seeds are living entities. And they all have individual needs and require different germination procedures. They respire just like other living organisms, and if the soil is not properly aerated, the seed will die. They have an outward, thick seed coat that must be broken by soaking it or scraping it.

A baby in the womb begins with a seed. The little one’s DNA, soul, personality, circulatory system, brain...all perfectly planned, and individual. It forms and splits, and repeats this process. All living organisms begin the same way.

Easter proclaims this in Jesus Christ’s birth, death, and resurrection. His outer shell was broken for us. That “seed” was planted in death, and then resurrected. Jesus.

A promise of life eternal, a new hope, redemption; Spring.

The story of Easter. 

And this incredible gift of life for us takes the bleak, brown, bare, ugliness of our human soul and brings forth abundant life. All we need is the faith of a mustard seed. Now, that’s amazing!

Read the story. It’s historical fact. Easter. All any of us has to do is break open our seed shell, and invite this abundant life; to welcome life emerging from the depths of ugliness and dreariness. Welcome Christ, Welcome a new, fresh chance to be alive and flourishing in our lives. 

Happy Easter.

Judi Tabler lives in Pawnee County and is a guest columnist for the Great Bend Tribune. She can be reached at Visit her website