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Student art featured in Ellinwood
Check it out
Sheri Holmes

The Ellinwood Middle School/High School Art Students, under the direction of Greg Maxwell, have their work on display at the Ellinwood School/Community Library. If you want to see some artistic talent, then you need to come in to see this display. The intricate details of the artwork are not fully captured in pictures; experiencing it in person is essential. Some of the work has received awards from the Barton Community College Vortex show and select pieces will also go to the League art competition later this month.

Beginning art students often draw an example of an eye and a nature still life as part of their classwork. Every student has a different interpretation of these items and you can tell that when you come in and see their artwork. We have very talented students here at EHS showing their art in the library. 

There are also ceramics and paintings using various media.

Print making involves multiple steps, starting with carving away a surface to leave an image, which then has ink or paint applied to it, which is then transferred onto another surface such as paper or fabric. We have multiple examples of print making both with single color, and multiple colors.

Sheri Holmes is the director of library and media services for the Ellinwood School and Community Libraries. She can be reached by email at