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To all Medicare beneficiaries: I know you are aware that open enrollment for Medicare Part D has begun. Beginning 10/15/13 through 12/07/13, you have the opportunity to examine options available with the private insurance companies that offer prescription drug coverage through Medicare Part D for 2014. I can tell you that there are significant changes in the plans from 2013 based on the people I have assisted already, so it is really important that you review your coverage for 2014. Everyone should have received a packet from the current insurance company with projected changes for 2014. While all that “insurance-ese” can be intimidating, you should really take a moment to review the changes. As an example, one of the most cost effective plans in 2013 is almost doubling the monthly premium for 2014 and increasing the co-pays as well.
If you have a computer, there is a great tool on the Medicare website to help. All you do is click on “Find Health & Drug Plans” and follow the instructions. You need to have all your prescriptions to enter as your drugs do make a difference and select a pharmacy; the tool will sort through all the plans in this area. You will be provided a list of the plans appropriate for you beginning with the most cost effective in descending order. Because this insurance is regulated by Medicare, you can shop for price.
Be sure to look beyond the first few plans; mail order options on several plans can be very affordable. Now, I know some people feel a little nervous about mail order but the online pharmacies contracted with these Medicare Part D plans have streamlined processes that really make it easy. They will notify you when it is time to re-order. If you need an antibiotic or another drug on a short term basis, you can always use one of the local pharmacies to supplement the maintenance drugs that you receive through the mail. While this option may not be for everyone, you shouldn’t be reluctant to try it if it is the most cost effective for you.
If you would like assistance with the online tool or just want someone to discuss your options with, RSVP can help you. RSVP volunteers have been trained to assist with this process. We are accepting appointments so call us to set up a time to determine if your plan is still the best, most cost effective plan for you. Even if you are satisfied with your current plan, you owe it to yourself to make sure it is still the best one. It only takes a few minutes. Call Donna at 792-1614 for more information.
We are gearing up to assist with the American Legion Auxiliary’s Fort Dodge Veterans Home Christmas project. We have been collecting lap robes all year long but can always use more. We also need adult size caps. Last year, the caps were so popular they were gone in a flash. We have some patterns for the caps if you need one and as always, all the yarn you will need. We have received several generous donations from the sisters at the Dominican convent who had extra yarn and we are waiting to receive the yarn from the United Way Stuff the Bus campaign. So come by the office at 1025 Main in Great Bend and choose your favorite colors.
I hope you are enjoying this cooler fall weather; I know I am!
Donna Baugh, Director of Volunteers In Action/RSVP, can be reached at: 620-792-1614 or