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What do you think???
Dam Witt

I don’t pay much attention to politics. The news is disgusting, the ads are mind-numbing and there are lots of things going on that make me worry about the country. There is one thing that I can’t figure out and I will present it to you.

I remember not so very many years ago when diesel was considerably cheaper and easier to produce than gasoline. Every big truck used diesel because it was so much cheaper than gasoline. We chose diesel pickups because they lasted longer and were more cost-effective to drive. People were converting gas engines to diesel or natural gas. 

That changed almost overnight. Why did diesel become more expensive than gasoline, and who let that happen? I think it was a pivotal point in our economic history. I think it had something to do with converting grain to diesel and government meddling. I  hope all of you will ask your elected representatives this question. 

It seems criminal to me that the government allowed this to happen. Someone has hurt our nation and every person living here with that decision. Our nation and people deserve more respect. My first thought is big oil, but I don’t know. Tell me what you know or think. It is probably too late. How sad.

On a brighter note, I am seeing lots of geese and cranes in our area. Dan Soeken lives close to Quivira, and they are feeding in his fields. The waves of birds are just off the chart! Mike Blair has gotten some great video footage – look him up on Facebook and brace yourself to be amazed. 

He has more information and elegant footage than I can describe. His escapades with bugs and plants and otherwise unknown little minions of the forest will educate you kids and entertain you for hours. He has been a dear friend for many years. I honestly don’t have words. Thank you Mike for all the music and beauty!

Yes, I know this is a screwy column. The Bottoms are dry, the weather is crazy and deer season is done. I am glad to report that there are still some pheasant and quail out there. I don’t have any statistics, but my buddies who hunt upland game are NOT whining.  

Fishing is getting ready to go bonkers. When this little bit of ice goes off. walleye, crappie, catfish, and stripers will give you a tug! Better get your boats un-winterized. It won’t be long. One of my friends gave me a fishing trip with him and his son on May 30 and 31. Eric Vrbas is a terrific guide at Glen Elder and runs a terrific operation. We fished with him last year, and it was outstanding. Thank you Curran!  

I think this is transition time. We best start getting ready for what is going to start pretty quickly with lots of gusto!  

Be grateful for our bounty, make some jerky and sausage, and keep an eye on the sky for whooping cranes and shorebird migration. We will survive!

Doctor Dan Witt is a retired physician and nature enthusiast. He can be reached at