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Agreement keeps pool available for youth swimming
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Here is the Memorandum of Understanding between Barton Community College And Great Bend Unified School District No. 428 that was approved by the USD 428 school board on Monday, June 8 and the BCC Board of Trustees on Wednesday, May 27.

This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is made and entered into this 1st day of July, 2015 (Effective Date), by and between Barton Community College and USD 428.
The annual maintenance and operation of a swimming pool is costly, as well as the occasional capital needs and projects of maintaining the pool operation. USD 428 agrees to provide Barton $10,000 in annual support for the pool operations for a term of 12 years. Payment is to be made in the month of July for each year (advance).
With USD 428’s annual investment of $10,000, Barton Community College and USD 428 acknowledge the use of Barton’s swimming pool by USD 428’s swim teams, and that Barton’s pool is considered USD 428’s “home” pool for a period of 12 years. USD 428 uses Barton’s pool for boys and girls swim team practice and home meets per a schedule which both parties have agreed to. Barton is responsible for the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the pool according to local, state, and federal regulations for water treatment and aquatic safety. In addition, Barton is responsible for the following capital improvements: installation of new ceiling grid/tiles, installation of pump/strainer basket & housing, installation of new pool deck material, acidizing and painting of pool surface, installation of new PH/acid controls. All of these capital improvements will be completed as soon as possible. Any changes required in the operation of the facility, or equipment needs specifically for USD 428’s swim teams, must be approved by Barton Community College and costs associated with the changes must be funded by USD 428 or some other entity. USD 428 agrees that members of their swim team will not enter the pool without the team coach/sponsor being present.
Barton Community College and USD 428 desire to make the occasional use of facilities available to each other as needed. Both parties will contact each other’s facility/scheduling departments to request the use of the other’s facilities. If scheduling permits, the use of facilities may be scheduled without charge to either party.
Both parties agree that while using the other’s facilities, the students, coaches, and sponsors will follow the policies and procedures for the facility being used. Each party is responsible for the conduct of their students and employees while using the others facilities.
Both parties agree to carry liability insurance for their own facilities, and upon request to provide the other party with a Certificate of Insurance. Barton Community College and USD 428 agree to indemnify each other for any loss that a party may incur as the result of the negligence of the other party to this agreement. Each party will defend their own interest against any and all third party claims, suits, demands, judgments or executions which arise out of or in connection with the use each other’s facilities.
As needed, Barton’s dean of administration and the USD’s athletic director and/or chief financial officer may meet to discuss any concerns or needs of either party. This MOU will remain in effect for a period of 12 years from the effective date.
Either party may request a review of the MOU, and/or changes may be made, if mutually agreed to by both parties in writing. In the event that the pool would become unusable (catastrophic event), any annual support will be refunded on a prorated basis.