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Aiming High
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The stunts performed by members of Lonestar Action Sports may be dangerous – at least without years of training – but the message for students was to stay healthy.
Three performers, two on BMX bikes and one wearing inline skates, wowed the students at Holy Family School on Thursday. Principal Karen Moeder noted this was the second year for Lonestar to perform here. Students have been selling magazines as a fundraiser for the school and the magazine rep, Kris Meis from Great American Opportunities, brought the show here as a reward for meeting sales goals.
“The message that they shared this morning was to stay healthy, stay away from drugs, alcohol, and anything that would hurt our bodies and minds, to work hard to achieve our goals, and to find the thing in our life that inspires us and to follow our dreams,” Moeder said.
Last year one of the performers did a somersault above the principal’s head, after rocketing up a ramp wearing inline skates. This year the school’s new teacher, Mr. Chesney, got to participate in that stunt.
Magazine sales at Holy Family School took place over two weeks in September, with the students earning emoji key chains and other prizes for their daily sales. Emojis are small digital images used to express an idea or emotion, such as a smilie face.
“The theme for this year’s sale was an emoji,” Moeder said. “Students could earn emojis to wear on a lanyard each day at school during the sale for every item that they sold. Once the sale was over, they got to take their emojis and lanyard home.”
While the BMX show was the culminating activity to the actual magazine sale, Moeder noted that magazines and other items can still be purchased online at by entering Holy Family School, Great Bend, as the school that the shopper would like to support.