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Alien invasion
Small sleepy town makes plans in GBRC play
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Area youths rehearse for the play The Day Aliens Attacked Fairfield, the Town Where Nothing Ever Happens, to get ready for their performance on Friday at the Great Bend High School Auditorium. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. for the public; admission is free.

The Great Bend Recreation Commission is sponsoring its 24th annual youth summer theater production, “The Day Aliens Attacked Fairfield, the Town Where Nothing Ever Happens.”
The production is open to the public and admission is free. “Frankenfield” will be presented at 7 p.m. Friday, July 13, at the Great Bend High School Auditorium. The doors will open at 6:30 p.m.
“The kids get so excited for the play every year,” director Paul Martin said. “We had a good rehearsal on Tuesday. The kids know their lines and what part they are playing. We are looking forward to opening night.”
Fairfield is a place where nothing ever happens, at least not since Little Suzie Myers got that nasty paper cut a decade ago. And with the exception of a pair of vain newscasters, a few fringe sky watchers, and a kooky grandfather living in a galactically fantastic past, most townsfolk are okay with their humdrum ways.
Like it or not though, the winds of change are about to descend on Fairfield faster than delivery from the town’s famous Flying Saucer Pizza. A couple of love-struck teens report an alien sighting, and Fairfield finds itself in a frenzy. Luckily, the members of “The Society of Alien Watchers to Protect Earth” are selling tinfoil hats to help protect everyone.
Even the President comes to this sleepy burg, but not everyone in town agrees with his plan to attack the space-traveling Zordonians. It’ll be up to the brave little girl and her unwavering grandpa to stop a war of the worlds in this ridiculously silly comedy that’s out of this world.
The cast of 23 children, ages 6 – 16, has been practicing for five weeks under the direction of Martin and assistants Tammy Bell and Pat Doll. Many of the children have performed in previous productions for the Recreation Commission.
This year’s cast includes Isaac Avila, Madalyn Bonine, Quintin Buzard, Kaitlyn Froetschner, Kamie Haddon, Daniel Hammeke, Nathan Hammeke, Quinton Heath, Lilly Jones, Kennedy Kern, Jeslyn Klepper, Vivian Klepper, MacKenzie LaViolette, Mylee Maddox, Remy Martin, Sydney Mattison, Kaylea McMullen, Alyvia Mingenback, Elle Anne Reed, Brooklyn Reynolds, Cayman Rowan, Penelope Rugan and Kiley Troyer.