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All girls invited to experience Girl Scout camps
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WICHITA – Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland announced that registration is open for 111 summer camps and activities offered to all K-12 girls.
From day camps to week-long adventures, Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland is committed to providing camp opportunities for every girl, regardless of her financial situation. Thanks to the generosity of donors, camp scholarships are available.
Girls and their families are invited to tour Starwoods Outdoor Center, Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland’s 160-acre property near Clearwater, during the Starwoods Open House from 2-4 p.m. Sunday, May 17. This public event gives families a chance to meet staff and see what this camp nestled on the Chisholm Trail has to offer, including boating, kayaking, platform tents, cabins, covered wagons, astronomy and a sports pavilion with a traverse wall. Free busing is available from the council’s headquarters, 360 Lexington Road in Wichita, to three- and four-day camps at Camp Starwoods.
Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland’s camp season is June 1 through July 31. For registration and a complete list of summer activities, go to, flip through the online Summer Guide, or call 1-888-686-MINT (6468). Here are some of the upcoming Girl Scout camps across the state:
• Think Like an Inventor Camp, July 18-19, Starwoods Outdoor Center, Clearwater. Girls’ creative side will be challenged in this new camp for grades 2-3. $84 per member/$99 per non-member.
• Star Girls Camp, July 24-26, Starwoods Outdoor Center, Clearwater. This camp is packed with activities at night. Girls will learn the myths, legends and science of the night sky and create a star-maker. $111 per member/$126 per non-member.
• CSI Overnight, June 12-13, Garden City Girl Scout Office. K-12 girls will discover the tricks of the crime scene analysis trade, including using fingerprints and other evidence to solve mysteries. $40 per member/$55 per non-member.
• Girl Scout Treasure Hunt, June 13, Lakewood Discovery Center, Salina. K-5 girls will enjoy the ultimate treasure hunt, along with games, hiking, geocaching, and making their own stamp to decode clues to the treasure trove. $11.50 per member/$26.50 per non-member.
• Girl Scout Treasure Crew, June 13, Lakewood Discovery Center, Salina. Girls in grades 6-12 will work together to create a treasure hunt. They’ll enjoy crafts, practice GPS skills, and celebrate with a pizza party. $16.50 per member/$31.50 per non-member.
• Let’s Get Riding – Learn From Equestrian Pros, June 4, Colby Community College Farm. Girls in grades 2-5 will learn horseback riding skills from the Colby Community College Equestrian Team. $20 per member/$35 per non-member.
• Astronomical Overnight Adventure, July 18-19, Camp Double E, Emporia. K-12 girls will enjoy a night of celestial discovery, including exploring planets, locating constellations and building their own telescopes. $37 per member/$52 per non-member.
• Earth to the Stars, July 24-25, Independence Science and Technology Center. Girls in grades 2-5 will use a telescope to gaze at the stars and the moon, and enjoy a tour of the Milky Way. $45 per member/$60 per non-member.