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August Marriage and Divorce Filings
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Marriage Licenses
Matthew Koelsch, Hoisington and Nicole Zink, Claflin
Tyler James Grieb, Great Bend and Cittal Rodriguez, Great Bend
Fernando Carrasco, Great Bend and Isabel Delgadillo, Great Bend
Tyler Douglas Barrett, Ellinwood and Cara S. Johnson, Ellinwood
Michael J. Lott, Great Bend and Caitlyn M. Habiger, Great Bend
Nelson A. Deason, Albert and Katrina M. Froetsher, Albert
Garrett L. Berry, Great Bend and Andrea B. Duncan, Great Bend
Rusty Lee Charbonneau, Great Bend and Crenna Marie Echeverria, Argentina
Uber Peregrino, Great Bend and Marlin Perales-Montelongo, Great Bend
Calvin Thomas Unruh, Great Bend and Cyleigh Schultz, Great Bend
Harold Dean Bennett, LaCrosse and Susan E. Craven, Great Bend
Travis R. Watts, Great Bend and Sheryl J. Thomas, Great Bend
Scott Alan Wilkinson, Great Bend and Maxine L. Wilkinson, Great Bend
Nicholas D. Weber, Claflin and Rhiannon M. Becker, Claflin
Aaron E. Pike, Great Bend and Catherine A. Bender, Great Bend
Richard S. Samora, Hoisington and Hilary M. Popp, Hoisington
Matthew S. Nimmo, Great Bend and Angel A. Relmar, Great Bend
Will Robert Caskey, Great Bend and Shanda Elaine Newick, Great Bend

Divorce Filings
Maggie Sue Alderdice vs Todd Alan Alderdice
Emily K. Bird vs Randall R. Bird
Kelly J. Polzin vs Jessica J. Polzin
Jeff L. McVey vs Catherine C. McVey
Miguel Garay vs Brandi N. Garay
Katie Gibble vs Aaron Gibble