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Barton Community College faculty contract renewal list
BCC courgar-head

Tenure Track
Amanda Alliband, Kara Brauer, Allan Collins, Edward Dean, Marsha Finley, Latoya Hill (PT), Abby Howe, Karla Johnston, Stephanie Joiner, Kenneth Kolembe, Shannon Schreiner, Renae Skelton, Rose Smith (PT), Melissa Davis Stevens, Maggie Tracy (PT), Lawrence Weber.

Tenure Eligible*
Mark Bogner and Jill Lawson.

Randell Allen, Richard Bealer, Kathyrn Boeger, Kimberly Bradney, Kimberly Brennan, Sarah Bretches, Walter Brown, Eric Bundy, Gerald Butler, Winfried Butler, Gilbert Cloud, Eugene Compton, Michael Cox, Charles Davis, Dean Dexter, Steven Dudek, Alissa Duncan, Karole Erikson (PT), Timothy Folkerts, George Forst, Vern Fryberger, Cristi Gale, Glenna Gaunt (PT), Brenda Glendenning, Stephannie Goerl, Colleen Hampton, Joseph Harrington, Kristen Hathcock, Brian Howe, Edmond Johnson, Teresa Hohnson (PT), Nellene Kenyon, Dennis King, Ronald Kirmer, Martin Steven Lueth, Victor Martin, Linda McCaffrey, Carol Murphy, Vincent Orth, Jaime Oss, Locadio Perez, Oleg Ravitskiy, Erin Renard, Kay Robinson, Mark Shipman, Brenda Sieboled, Peter Solie, Deanna Stevens-Heier, Christopher Vanderlinde, Dana Weber, Rhonda Wertz, Shawn Wood.

Non Renewal
Andra Alderson, parttime, intent to retire; Donna Keil, resignation; Steven Little, resignation; Bruce Locke, resignation; William Sheffield, resignation; Jane Youngers, retirement.

*Tenure Eligible is comprised of individuals who are eligible to be granted tenure with the next contract offering. They may be granted tenure or could be non-renewed based upon recommendation and board approval.
This list is inclusive of individuals who accepted faculty contracts the previous year. The list was unchanged from the board of trustees study session earlier this month.

Editor’s note: An article in Tuesday’s Great Bend Tribune concerning the contract situation a year ago stated Erin Renard was granted tenure this year. In fact, she was tenured a few years back.