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Barton Community College rolls out four-day learning week option for select programs
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Most people would agree that three-day weekends are glorious. Barton students can make a choice to treat themselves to one every week as Barton rolls out its “four-day learning week” for select career technical education courses beginning fall 2012.
The following programs will be offered Monday through Thursday: Networking (certificate & degree), Business Administrative Technology, Medical Administrative Technology, Business Transfer, Business Management and Leadership and Technical Accounting. General education coursework included in these programs is also available in a four-day face-to-face or online format.
Dean of Workforce Training and Community Education Elaine Simmons said the four-day schedule benefits students by offering a convenient schedule option that frees up a day during the week, lowers cost for commuting students and provides students with jobs an additional day to work compared to the traditional five-day school week.
“Just driving one day less to campus will create significant savings, and that is money not coming out of the bank,” she said. “We also have many students of all ages that supplement their learning with jobs and this would give them an additional workday, which would be putting money in the bank.”
Simmons also pointed out additional benefits to faculty that ultimately will benefit the students.
“It gives faculty a day in their offices to grade, work on curriculum planning and allows them to spend time interacting with advisory boards, school districts and industry personnel that are all vital partnerships that ensure that our programs are current and meeting the needs of the students and industries involved.”
For more information or to enroll, contact or (866)813-2460.