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Barton County sitting pretty
Transferred funds show fiscal strength
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Barton County is looking pretty good fiscally, County Commissioner Jennifer Schartz said Monday morning.

“Barton County is in a unique position,” she said during the commission meeting. “We plan well.”

Her remarks came during a discussion over a resolution transferring and carrying over 2018 unexpended funds. After accounting of all 2018 transactions, a total of $1,333,466 was available for transfer to the capital improvement and equipment replacement funds.

According to Finance Officer Matt Patzner, the funds broke down as follows (from and to):

Capital improvement

• General, $195,500 — general building and fixed equipment

• General, $85,000 — general, improvement not building

• Road and Bridge, $58,000 — Road and Bridge, building and fixed equipment

• Road and Bridge, $197,466.42 — federal funds exchange

• Special bridge replacement, $68,000 — bridge replacement

• Cemetery, $20,000 — cemetery improvements

• Total — $623,966.42

Equipment replacement

• General, $186,500 — Equipment Replacement- General

• Road and Bridge, $523,000 — Equipment Replacement — Road and Bridge

• Total — $709,500

“I give credit to the department heads,” Patzner said. “They are fiscally responsible.”

This provides “rainy day” funding and keeps the county out of debt, Schartz said. This is a source of pride for her and the rest of the commission.