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Barton music hosts Grammy Award-winning musician during virtual class
COURTESY PHOTO Guitarist Dave Raynor performs at a concert at the Starlight Theater in Branson, Mo. in 2010.

Dave Raynor has graced the stage with famous musicians such as Chuck Berry, Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers and Andy Williams to name a few. He’s played music all over the world and is a true master of guitar, and recently he took time out of his day to talk virtually with students in Barton’s History of Rock and Roll class. 

Raynor is a Grammy award-winning songwriter, singer, guitarist, recording engineer and producer. He toured with Denise Williams, who performed the song that won the Grammy for Best Gospel Performance in 1988.  

Instructor Colvin Hooser said he met Raynor at the Moon River Theatre in Branson, Mo., when they were both playing as part of the Andy Wiliams Band. He said his students benefited greatly from the session. 

“We talked about the music business as it existed in the 80s compared to now, as well as Dave’s compositional process, and how recording music has changed,” he said. “We even listened to a few of his songs in class with Dave providing insight as to how they were written and recorded.”

There was also a time for students to ask questions. Hooser said the knowledge of someone with a career as long and storied as Raynor’s is invaluable.

“I believe the students got some excellent information about how to make your own music, record it, and have others hear it,” he said.  Also, I think it opened their eyes to the idea that there are more careers in music than just teaching and performing, like working in recording studios and writing songs for others.”

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