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BCC to host launch party for ‘Prairie Ink’
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The Barton Community College Library will host a launch party for Barton’s literary journal, “Prairie Ink,” followed by a general writing workshop from 6-8 p.m. April 27 in the Cavanaugh Room in the Barton Library.

The launch party will feature light refreshments, readings from contributors, and enlightened conversation.

After the launch party, the “Prairie Ink” editors will host the April Writing Workshop. Writers are invited to bring literary pieces to share, read others’ work, and gain insight into the creative writing process.

English Instructor and “Prairie Ink” Editor Justin Brown welcomes all to join in this celebration of writing and creativity.

“Stories have been passed on from generation to generation both orally and in the written form,” he said. “The art defines humanity. Stories speak to us because they offer a glimpse of another’s inner world that we can relate to on a spiritual level simply because we are also human. Lasting stories stick with us because of the emotional connections we make, forever connecting our minds with the authors’ creations.”

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