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Beard announces run for Big First
Jimmy Beard

TOPEKA — Garden City teacher Jimmy Beard, a Democrat, filed paperwork this week to run for the House of Representatives seat currently held by Republican Tracey Mann. He  is the first Democrat to file for the 1st Congressional District race in 2022.

“I am excited to announce my candidacy to be Representative for the Big First. I am confident I can bring Kansas values to Congress and actually work with both Republicans and Democrats,” Beard stated in his announcement.

Beard has established three main focuses for the campaign:

• Legalize marijuana. Marijuana legalization would be a boon for Kansas agriculture and a step toward fiscal responsibility, he said. 

• Put money back in the hands of regular Kansans and end the corporate bailouts. For decades America has bailed out Wall Street time and time again but left Main Street to wither. It is time we reinvest in Middle America with a smarter tax code and a stronger infrastructure.

• Strengthen public education. Public education is the backbone of the American economy, developing tomorrows leaders and entrepreneurs. It is time to reinvigorate and re-imagine our public education system as we lag behind other countries in math and science.

Beard, raised in a military family, has lived in Kansas for nearly 13 years and has been an educator in Garden City for more than eight years. Beard holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics education from Fort Hays State University and is working towards a master’s in education administration.