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Behind the Metal Door
Shafer Gallery exhibits art from its permanent collection
Untitled art by Darrel McGinnis.
Untitled art by Darrel McGinnis.

The Shafer Gallery has unveiled its most recent exhibit, “Behind the Metal Door: Selections from the Permanent Collection,” and it will run through Feb. 25. 

Gallery Director Dave Barnes said this exhibit is a chance to show off pieces the gallery owns from a myriad of sources.

“Many folks don’t realize that the Gallery doesn’t just host quality exhibits by regional, national and international artists but also has a growing permanent art collection,” he said. “Over the years, the Gallery has acquired, through gift and direct acquisition, a diverse body of work. Sometimes the work added to our collection has been donated as a way of sharing with our community and preserving into the future beloved works of art that have a special place in the lives of the donors. Sometimes they are donated with the tax credit attached to them in mind. On occasion, working with the Barton Community College Foundation, we receive funding that allows us to purchase works of art. Regardless of how we receive them, each work adds to the cultural treasure of our community.” 

Barnes said the Gallery’s ability to store and take care of art is limited. So, not every work of art is accepted into the permanent collection. 

“Our criteria for selection is based upon the quality, value, and how well the offered artwork meets the Gallery’s vision,” he said. “The 80 works in the Behind the Metal Door Exhibit showcase the many styles, media and decades of the artwork that is housed behind the metal door of our collection room. Some of it has been acquired recently, some of it dates back to the founding of the Shafer Gallery. It is all worthy of open-minded attention.” 

The Shafer Gallery is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is always free. For more information, contact Shafer Gallery Director Dave Barnes at or 620-792-9342.