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Brett Fairchild, Alicia Straub discuss legislative issues
Alicia Straub at park
Alicia Straub
Brett Fairchild at park
Brett Fairchild

ELLINWOOD — Kansas State Representative candidate Brett Fairchild (R-Stafford) and Senate candidate Alicia Straub (R-Ellinwood) were on hand to discuss issues ranging from pro-life legislation to the state’s response to COVID-19, education choice and tax levies Friday at Ellinwood City Park. The outdoor meeting replaced the Ellinwood Chamber of Commerce’s Legislative Coffee. 

Fairchild began Friday’s gathering with discussion surrounding pro-life measures including a Republican-led, pro-life amendment proposal to the Kansas Constitution. 

“If we can get two-thirds majority, we should be able to pass that amendment and then send it down to the voters to decide,” Fairchild said. 

“That two-thirds majority is going to be very important and Kansas Republicans are working extremely hard to secure that majority.”

In response to the Kansas Supreme Court’s 6-1 decision in 2019 upholding the state’s established fundamental right to abortion, a partnership of pro-life organizations and legislators announced efforts in January to undo the court’s decision by amending the Kansas Constitution. 

Fairchild also addressed the state’s response to the COVID-19 crisis.

He said discussions are in the works in the upcoming legislative session on how much power the governor should have, referring to House Bill 2016 which creates and amends law and makes appropriations regarding the governmental response to the pandemic in Kansas.

On other matters, Straub discussed issues faced by taxing entities in regard to mill levies.

“You can’t just go raising taxes six mills in one year, especially when many folks are facing financial crunches like we’re seeing right now,” said Straub, noting the ongoing conflict between Kansas counties and the state on how to appropriate tax revenue. 

“The state has been telling the counties to ‘keep their hands out of the cookie jar,’” said Straub. “In reality, the state is the one who should have its hands slapped.”

In the final talking point, Straub touched on issues facing parents of home-schooled children.

“I’m one of the few legislators you would not have to convince that education choice is a good thing,” she said. “I would like to see some kind of tax credit for home-schooled students especially because of the tremendous curriculum expense.”

Fairchild, who defeated Donna Hoener-Queal (R-Pratt)in the August primary for the District 113 seat, is unopposed in November’s general election. Straub, who previously represented District 113, defeated incumbent Mary Jo Taylor (R-Stafford) in the August Republican primary for the District 33 senate seat and is also unopposed in next month’s general election.

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