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Burglar will pay restitution
Property damaged during break-in
Horacio Carrasco-Olivas

During the night of Oct. 27, 2018, one or more people broke into a Great Bend residence and damaged a car, a waterbed, two televisions, a safe and a window.

The Great Bend man convicted of burglary and theft was released on his own recognizance last Friday prior to his sentencing. Horacio Carrasco-Olivas has served 60 days in jail under the terms of his plea agreement and is expected to be placed under the supervision of Community Corrections. He appeared in court for his sentencing, which was scheduled for Jan. 25, but Assistant County Attorney Douglas Matthews asked for more time because the victims are still compiling information necessary for the state to request restitution.

The plea agreement included the dismissal of additional felony charges in exchange for “guilty” pleas on two counts, making him eligible for “presumptive probation” under Kansas sentencing guidelines. It was also agreed he would serve 60 days in the county jail.

“He has served that 60 days,” defense attorney Richard Boeckman said Friday. “Since we’re not doing the sentencing today, he should be released. He’s been there for the 60 days that we agreed on in the plea agreement.”

Barton County Judge Steve Johnson agreed that the sentence is not complete if the amount of restitution is unresolved. He also agreed to conditions suggested by Assistant County Attorney Douglas Matthews, which include having no contact with the victims.

“In light of the crimes, the state requests conditions for his release,” Matthews said. Carrasco-Olivas will be supervised by the Court Services Office. “He can demonstrate just how amenable to probation he is.”

The defendant was also ordered not to leave Barton County without prior permission from his supervisors.

Destructive night

Carrasco-Olivas had been in the county jail since his arrest on Oct. 28, 2018. His negotiated 60 days in jail started after his plea agreement at the end of November.

On the night of Saturday, Oct. 27, Carrasco-Olivas and possibly other suspects broke into a house at 1805 Tyler St. The owner arrived home a short time later and realized the residence was being broken into. The Great Bend Police Department responded to a burglary report at 12:03 a.m. on Sunday, Oct. 28.

Lt. Jason Settle said an individual ran from the house and left in a vehicle which the victim was able to describe. Officers quickly located the vehicle and arrested Carrasco-Olivas.

He was originally charged with multiple felonies. According to the criminal complaint, charges included residential burglary, burglary of a motor vehicle and criminal damage to property greater than $1,000 and less than $25,000. He was also charged with taking a safe. There was a misdemeanor charge of criminal trespass.

On Nov. 29, Carrasco-Olivas appeared in Barton County District Court and entered “guilty” pleas to theft and criminal damage to property. As part of plea negotiations, other charges were dropped.

At that time, Matthews said the police investigation was continuing and there was a possible second suspect. An attempt to contact him on Monday for an update was unsuccessful.