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Have you ever had someone come into your life for a brief moment who touched your heart? The past two days at Ellinwood High School, Marion Blumenthal-Lazan and Nathaniel Lazan not only told of, but displayed a message of love, compassion, and hope that I have never had the privilege to witness to that degree. The Lazans were welcomed to Ellinwood, thanks to Connie Mitchum, Larry Drees and the Ellinwood Public Education and Library Foundation, and Ellinwood School-Community Library, and the two gave back powerfully. The first-hand history that Marion shared to our middle school students, high school students, community, and surrounding areas, (approximately 1,168 people) was so detailed that I could visualize many of her experiences. I also appreciated how she spoke of the Statue of Liberty that represents our freedom, of 9/11 and how no one can take away all that we have become, and the importance of looking for similarities in individuals, but being respectful of each others’ heritages. Not only was the history important to pass on, but also her many messages that are simple: Be kind to everyone, always have faith – even in the worst times, and no matter what, never give up hope! If you were not able to attend Marion’s presentation, she wants to make sure we share her story with everyone! We are processing the DVD of her presentation for circulation; we are planning to purchase the DVD, “Marion’s Triumph”; and, we have her book, “Four Perfect Pebbles” to check out. I will be sending out another order for books that will be due by Wednesday, Sept. 21st. If you give me the information of who you would like her to sign it for, she will send me book plates that are personalized to include in your book! Thank you, Marion and Nathaniel, you are two very special people!
Sheri Holmes, Director of Library/Media Services Ellinwood School/Community Libraries