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City of GB interviews for Utility Superintendent
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City Administrator Brandon Anderson said a candidate has been interviewed for the Utility Superintendent position. “Staff have been discussing whether or not to fill that position at this time,” he said in his department report to the City Council at Monday’s meeting.

For the Public Works, he said staff from the Zenner water meter company planned to be in Great Bend this week. “They promised that they’re bringing all the parts and equipment to get our final 40 meters, the large meters, done. So we are happy to say that’s what they’re telling us is going to happen and we will follow up when they actually do it. We’re anxious to get that project wrapped up. We are learning a lot about the system; the system that is in, is good and functioning pretty well.”

Anderson said staff were addressing a water issue at 19th and Harrison this week. “That may end up being a lengthy project this week, because they’re also having to work on some valves in that area as they fix that.” He said a part that was needed came in and he hoped the work would be done and the area tidied up by the end of the week.

Anderson said the fire department had a countywide training the previous weekend. Four departments attended and there were “lots of positive comments about the new training facilities.” He added that the fire department is now fully staffed.

Meanwhile, the police department has four openings, although two candidates for employment are going through background checks. “As I noted in the prior report, they’ve got two vehicles that are out of commission right now, because of some accidents at some uncontrolled intersections. We’re going to look at those uncontrolled intersections and then follow up on that as quickly as possible.”

Action items

The Great Bend City Council on Monday approved vacating city right of way along a portion of Williams Street where The Landing LLC outdoor courtyard at Forest and Williams is under construction. The owners requested a strip of land 6 feet wide by 100 feet long so it could expand the project. Staff reviewed the request and noted that no utility companies had objected.

At Monday’s meeting, the council also approved an abatement for the property at 915 Jefferson St., ordering the cleanup of overgrown vegetation, refuse and garbage.