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City hires law firm
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The city of Great Bend has entered into an agreement with Edward L. Keeley, an attorney with the Wichita law firm McDonald Tinker to provide legal services “as requested, to the Mayor of the City of Great Bend and its City Council.”
Keeley hand delivered a letter outlining the agreement addressed to Mayor Mike Allison to the council Monday night, and that is when Allison signed it. Consultations with Keeley started in executive sessions during the council’s Monday night meeting.
It was following an executive session at the June 5 City Council meeting the council passed a motion to retain the services of McDonald Tinker to assist the city through some employment issues.
As part of their representation, the city “agrees to cooperate with us in this endeavor and to make available all materials, information, and documents, and to reasonably follow our advice and take such actions which will permit us to effectively advise you.”
“You understand and agree that the failure to act in a timely manner may cause irreparable harm to your legal interests and your input is important to this timeliness. Accordingly, you agree that you have an affirmative obligation to timely respond to all our requests for information.”
The city will be billed monthly for the services. Keeley receives $150 per hour, associate attorneys receive $125 per hour and a legal assistant receives $80 per hour.
According to McDonald Tinker’s website, Keeley practices in the areas of civil rights law, administrative law, employment law, municipal liability defense, appellate law, professional liability, general civil litigation and insurance defense. Keeley was raised in Ellinwood.

A complete copy of the agreement may be found here.