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Claflin City Council to discuss funding for new building for fire department
Claflin Area Pride beautifying park with flowers

CLAFLIN — Mayor Mike Urban and members of the city council will meet on Wednesday, May 23, to further discuss the topic of an additional structure needed by Fire District No. 1. The topic was an agenda item at the regular May 14 meeting. According to Urban, equipment is currently housed in a variety of locations including the shed at the old grade school in Claflin. The district is replacing equipment, and wants to build a new building that is spacious enough to consolidate all the equipment in one location. Council person Doug Hubbard is currently collecting estimates for various sizes of buildings, and the council will consider them during a work session Monday night in advance of setting the city’s budget for 2019.
During his departmental report, Chief of Police Gary Vaughan reported on properties in the community that are not adhering to the city’s ordinances, and on the actions he has taken to encourage owners to comply. Urban said many of the properties are not new to the list, and Vaughan has been sending out letters asking for property owners to comply within 10 days, or the city will intervene ( see accompanying list). The property located at 521 3rd St. will be on the agenda for the regular meeting in June. Currently, city attorney Robert Suelter is determining if the city might be able to acquire it from the bank with a clear title.
The city also heard a report from Murine Prosser, a representative of the Claflin Area Pride organization. Members would like to take on the project of refurbishing the flower garden at the city park, and filling the flower pots at the community center. They have been approached by a person in the CAP community who would like to lead on this project, and fundraising and writing grants will soon be underway.
The group is also organizing a craft and junk fair to be held on June 23, with proceeds going toward the purchase of tables for the Community Center.
Donations have been collected from cans distributed around the community. Items purchased include a chair holder, a coat rack, trays and a stand for the Community Center. The rest of the money was donated to community members Aubrey Alcorn and Jackie Stiles.
Council member Dan Michaelis complimented CAP for doing a fantastic job.