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Claflin council welcomes new members
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Claflin Mayor Urban made the following appointments:
City & Court Clerk Patricia Schmidt
City Treasurer Robert Suelter
City Attorney Robert Suelter
Fire Chief Doug Hubbard
Police Chief Gary Vaughan
Municipal Judge Joel Jackson
Environment & Weed Officers Gary Vaughan & Richard Hayes
Superintendent Water & Sewer Richard Hayes
Public Officers Gary Vaughan & Richard Hayes
Assistant Public Officer Richard Hayes
Street Department Doug Hubbard
Sewer Department Dan Michaelis
Water Department Dustin Daniels
Park Department Nathaniel Florian
Police Department Casey Hubbard
Casey Hubbard was appointed as council president.
C. Hubbard moved to approve the appointments. Michaelis seconded with all in favor

CLAFLIN — The governing body of the City of Claflin met in regular session at 7 p.m., Monday, Jan. 8 in the city building. City Clerk Patricia Schmidt submitted the unofficial minutes of the meeting.
Dustin Daniels and Nathaniel Florian were sworn in as council members. Councilman Doug Hubbard was not present so he will be sworn in at a later date. The city council thanked Councilman Kirk Schneweis for doing a fine job of serving on the city council for 12 years.
Superintendent Richard Hayes suggested a tour of the city facilities should be planned for March in order to familiarize new council members.
He also reported no further illegal dumping at the city’s tree dump had been noted since December.
Chief of Police Gary Vaughan reported that there were no criminal cases taken in December, 2017. He also provided a department update, noting that Gregg Vannoster will attend three leadership training classes in 2018. The council took action on the speed limit in the area of Central Plains High School which Vaughan brought to their attention in November. They approved the designation of a 20 MPH speed limit on 9th Street.