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Clay shoot fundraiser proceeds help faculty acquire much-needed learning equipment
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Barton Community College faculty have some added capabilities thanks to the generosity of those who support the college’s annual sporting clay shoot in April, which raised nearly $10,000.

The proceeds were recently dispersed among faculty members, who are asked to apply for the Faculty Foundation Mini-Grants.

Athletic Training Instructor Ken Henderson was one such recipient. He used his funds to acquire joint-specific anatomical models, which provide a visual for students learning about injury care and first aid. It shows ligaments, bones and other features of the human body’s major joints like the knee and shoulder.

"Without the Foundation’s help, we would have had to spread out the purchases over two to three years," he said. "It’s that type of service that helps faculty get things that are not written into our budgets."

The funds are intended to be used in the classroom to enhance students’ learning experience. That definition facilitates a wide variety of possibilities, from dance training DVDs, to spectrometers and cuvettes.

Executive Director of Institutional Advancement Darnell Holopirek said the mini-grants are extremely helpful, and the sporting clay shoot event has grown to become one of the largest in Kansas.

"We have been very pleased with the involvement of the contributors, and we are gaining new relationships each year," she said.

The following is a list of grant recipients and what they purchased:

Shanna Legleiter, Business Department —Ten-Key Computer Pads

Bill Forst, Art Department — Ward Burner System

Vern Fryberger, Vocal Music Department — Emcee Pro Software

Guy Causey, Chemistry Department — Spectrometers & Cuvettes

Evelyn Parker, Nursing Department — Nursing Books

Erin Renard, Drama/Theatre Department — DVDs, Play Scripts, and Books

Kathy Boeger, Business Department — Accounting iTune Cards

Louise Masden, Nursing Department — Temporal Scan Thermometers

Darcy Wedel, Automotive Department — TV, Camera, Mount, Cables and Hardware

Dana Weber, MLT Department — LCD Television

Colleen Hampton, Biology Department — Amino Acid Starter Kit & Building Block Models

Karole Erikson, Keyboard/Music Department — Piano Moving Dolly

Amanda Schnoebelen, Dance Coach — Dance Training DVDs

Steve Dudek, Art Department — Easels

Ken Henderson, Athletic Training Department — Joint Specific Anatomical Models

Jason Parks, Athletic Training Department — Junior and Baby Anne CPR Manikins