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Club enjoys the ABC's of gardening
loc slt gardenclub eileen
Eileen Ingersoll, a member of Great Bend Garden Club, looks over creative gourd and seed-covered birdhouses prepared by Kerry Lampe for a recent Garden Club program entitled Gardening ABCs. - photo by Courtesy photos

During their October meeting, a delightfully entertaining and informative program, Gardening ABC’s, was presented to the Great Bend Garden Club by member Kerry Lampe.
Under A for Amazing, Kerry referred to the Electrostatic Effect of placing metal objects like trellises, rain gauges, or tiny bird feeders in the ground next to growing plants. These metal objects in combination with the atmosphere create a positive growing environment.
Under B for Bizarre Botanicals, she illustrated with photos her discussion of a wide array of strange blossoms. Among the bizarre varieties she included the beautiful but unusual structures of the Bird of Paradise, Bleeding Hearts, the Polka Dot Begonia and the Christmas Star Orchid which is pollinated by a Hawk Moth with an 18-inch proboscis which is inserted into an equally long nectar tube. Carnivorous varieties included the Venus Fly Trap and the Cobra Lily, which grow in barren environments and thus need the insects they ingest for their nutrition. Other bizarre members of the botanicals included the Bucket Orchid which has an unusual bud, the Bat Faced Cuphea which, if you look closely into the blossom, you see its namesake, and a genetically created Black Orchid which is the only black flower in existence and grown only in greenhouses. Unusually named plants included String of Hearts and Love in a Puff.
Under C for Creativity, Kerry brought examples of her own creative use of botanicals: painted gourd bird houses and a seed covered bird house. Under S for Seed Swap, she brought dried plants from her garden and demonstrated methods of securing seeds after plants have dried, and gave each member a pattern for creating inexpensive seed packets for giving away. She concluded the program with a basket of seed packets as gifts for the members.
During the business meeting, President Nancy Swafford asked that a report on the use of the $200 grant Garden Club received from the Golden Belt Community Foundation be written, and sent to the Foundation. Alice Young volunteered to complete the report.
Rose Garden chairman Alice Young reported the Rose Garden has been prepared for winter, two of the Memorial Plaques have been refurbished and rehung, and that the stands on which all of the plaques are hung are being repaired and repainted as needed.
Delicious pumpkin cake and cinnamon rolls were served by hostess Nancy Swafford.
Program for the November meeting will be given by Jeannine Girton and the hostess will be Pam Sweeney.